Raspberry Old Fashioned Candy - 5.3 oz / 150 g

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Made In:
FRANCE “Provence”
Raspberry Old Fashioned Candy - 5.3 oz / 150 g

Description /

French raspberry old-fashioned Provencal gourmet candy is a wonderful gift or an indulgent sweet treat for yourself. Packaged in a 12-sided glass jar with screw-on lid under the paper wrapper and ribbons, each candy is in the shape of a small berry. This candy is crafted in the quaint and picturesque town of Equilles, near the sunny region of Aix-en-Provence.

Ingredients or Nutrition Facts /

Sugar, glucose syrup of wheat, citric acid, natural flavor, carmine, water.

Dimensions & More Info /

• Net Weight / 5.3 oz – 150 gr
• Made In / FRANCE “Provence”

Meet the Brand /

L’Ami Provencal is located near Aix-en-Provence, in the small charming village of Eguilles. Their products include an assortment of top quality candies, ranging from hard old fashioned candies to French honey, sea salt, natural bath and beauty products, Marseille soaps and French lavender.

Manufactured using only the highest levels of precision and care, each and every product ends up perfect in every way. Delightfully packaged with the same precision as manufacturing, the end result is stunning. L’Ami Provencale herbs are amongst the highest quality, packaged in stone jars, linen and burlap bags. Their exquisite traditional soaps are of incredible purity and moisture, creating the ideal choice for sensitive or dry skin.

L’Ami Provencale candies are world-renowned, being 100% naturally flavored and formed into shapes of fruit from which they’re made. These candies are as close to real fruit as you can get. As you taste each one, the bursting flavor of fruits will excite your palate. You don’t have to be a fan of hard candy to enjoy these special delights. Made the traditional way, with no preservatives or artificial flavors, they contain only natural flavoring. Flavors such as raspberry, violet, lavender, citrus and honey are available. What makes these candies even more delightful, are the jars they’re packaged in. Elegant, 12-sided glass jars with screw-on lids, and beautiful ribbons. These jars of candy are the perfect gift for any occasion or to simply bring a smile to someone’s face.

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